small plates…

butcher board  | chef curated meats & cheese, house pickles & crostini, mustard 21

steamed clams* | shallots, white wine, garlic, lemon, scallions, roasted garlic focaccia bread 11

loaded carnitas fries | carnitas, pickled jalepeno, black beans, corn, cilantro, queso fresco 11

smoked trout pate | horseradish, bourbon onion jam, basil oil, pickled radish, sourdough  8

grilled bruschetta | sungold tomato jam, ricotta, focaccia, fresh chives 7

house smoked wings  | dry rubbed, house smoked, tomato aioli dipping sauce 11

buffalo bleu roasted cauliflower  | brown butter buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crema, parmesan crumbs 8

nashville hot chicken lettuce wraps  | spicy fried chicken, roasted tomato aioli, house-made chow-chow 9

deviled eggs* | crispy chesapeake oysters, applewood smoked bacon, smoked paprika 11

tater tot nachos | cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, pickled jalapeños, fresh scallions, cilantro lime sour cream 6/13

soup & salads…

today’s soup features | market inspired 7

butter lettuce salad | roasted local apples, feta cheese, cranberries, pepitas, almonds, buttermilk dressing 11

add grilled chicken 4  grilled shrimp* 6  grilled steak* 9  seared salmon* 10

kale and romaine caesar | kale & romaine blend, house made caesar dressing, prosciutto crisp 12

add white anchovies 2 add grilled chicken 4  grilled shrimp* 6  grilled steak* 9  seared salmon* 10

fresh berry salad| mixed greens, chef’s selection of locally sourced berries, goat cheese, pecans, honey vin 11

add grilled chicken 4  grilled shrimp* 6  grilled steak* 9  seared salmon* 10

chopped salad | romaine, bleu cheese, croutons, egg, cucumber, onion, tomato, red wine vinaigrette 11

add grilled chicken 4  grilled shrimp* 6  grilled steak* 9  seared salmon* 10

big plates…

slow roasted short rib | carolina bbq sauce, house-made spaetzle mac n cheese, radish salad 27

seared salmon | pan seared skin-on salmon, quinoa, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, bacon vinaigrette 23

grilled sirloin | 8oz. sirloin, sweet potato hash, asparagus, jumbo beer battered onion rings

horseradish boursin cheese sauce 25

house made clam fettucini | wheat beer infused fettucini, smoked tarragon white wine sauce, whole clams  21

(also available as a vegetarian dish)

crab cakes | red pepper coulis, arugula, pickled vegetable slaw, shaved cucumbers 25

roasted chicken | half game hen, roasted garlic and rosemary, toasted barley, roasted corn, baby carrots zucchini veloute sauce, rosemary extract 19

fish & chips | local beer battered cod, grilled lemon, awesome tartar sauce 17


served with irv’s hand-cut fries or housemade chips

irv’s burger* | prime angus reserve, danish bleu cheese, bourbon red onion jam, horseradish aioli, brioche roll 14

irv’s reuben | corned beef, wheat beer braised fresh sauerkraut, russian dressing, gruyere, marble rye 13

portabella dip  | roasted portabella mushrooms, gruyere, rosemary garlic roasted romas, portabella jus 12

add a prime angus burger 5

black truffle burger* | choice black angus, fresh black truffle, gruyere, cherry tomato jam, roasted garlic aioli

crispy shallots, arugula, brioche roll 18

softshell crab blt | house smoke bacon, romas, arugula, chow chow, Chesapeake aioli 17

korean pulled pork | beer braised pork shoulder, chili ginger bbq sauce, arugula, spicy pickled vegetables 15


housemade spaetzle mac n cheese | four-cheese blend 7

irv’s handcut fries  | kosher salt, ketchup, malt vinegar mayo 7

blistered brussels sprouts | grated parmigiano, lemon vinaigrette 7

quinoa | bacon vinaigrette 6

pub side salad  | mixed greens, fresh veggies, sherry vinaigrette 6

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish

 or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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